Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mankind's Anthem

Mankind’s Anthem

One planet Earth,


We call her our Mother.

Man cuts her up into territories.

Says,this is mine,that’s yours.

Forgets on the other side,his own kind.

Calls himself civilized.

Ironical! don’t animals mark territories?

Says,He belongs to higher consciousness.

Yet, He kills.

Kills for an idea.

Kills for a piece of land.

Kills for a belief system.

Has He really risen up?

On the other side of the wall,

A mother cries.

Her son has died.

This side,Is there a reason to rejoice?

Ah! but this has been happening.

For centuries,nobody questioned it.

Why...who created it..What’s the need anyways?

We follow.

A herd follows.

Intellect,like the grass, chewed up!

Nationhood, religion,rituals....all walls....all Man-made.

Where’s the wisdom?

Look at little children playing,

Blacks,Whites,Browns,all skin tones,

All rejoicing the game of life.

No Walls,No Divide,Untouched by rigid layers,

No Bloodshed,No fear,

Effortless,Peace reigns here.

Man created nations,let it be Past,

Choose to break all boundaries, in the Present.

No territories,just One World in Future.

No yours,no mine,All Ours.

At the end of the day,

There’s a human being Here and There.

All are related.

One Earth,One Mother.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Turning Point

Cloaks and masks of conditioning and fear,
Images false,but very dear.
Clinging to unreal;nerves loving the pathways,
Freedom lies not here,for here are mind's highways.

On these highways,frequent are accidents,
Many a sharp turn,bends and destiny's incidents.
Self-created and yet the architect knows not the highway's blue print?
Is it so blinding the mind's glint?

The injuries make us sit up,
Give us time to see fears,down and up,
To realize the mind is tricky,
To give in to it's ways is risky.

Ah! the truth is out.
Calm mind has seen the Other mind,there isn't any doubt.
Awakening to watchfulness,
Shines light now of awareness.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Leap

The Leap

What makes most people follow and do things which everybody else is doing?Why are most people such conformists even when their own logic and reason would disagree to their ways of going about life? Is there something called "conditioned genetic code" ? or is fear the basis of not being able to stand up for what one believes in? We've got the answer; Fear it is.So then, the question arises,will the collective human spirit,living in such fear,be able to truly evolve? or is it the domain of just the chosen few who question their fears and overcome them through deeper awareness of the Self? When will the vast mankind transform from "collective herd" to being their real "individual selves"?Would that be against the natural order of social existence and therefore detrimental to the established order?Would that lead to total chaos? But doesn't beauty finally emerge from chaos;from disorder to harmony?Look at a sweet smelling flower.From dirt to fragrance and colour; it veers clear from chaos to spring forth with the exuberance of life.

Now,how do we start?Beginning with our own selves,firstly by deconditioning "our system" off all the societal norms and while the inner questioning is taking place,one exercises patience, as the storm within will ultimately subside leading to eternal peace.Secondly,we need to let our children carve their own path.Allow them to break open their own cocoon of obstacles and emerge stronger to fly out to the sky of wonderful possibilities.We may protect them from harm's way but most importantly, let them breathe the air of freedom and form their own experiences.Are we ready to take the leap?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Different journeys

Different journeys

On a cliff,beholding a beautiful sight,
In a faraway forest by the riverside,
I grew,all beauty,colour and fragrance,
Waking up with the warmth of sun's first rays,
Basking in The light Supreme,
Equally content under the stars and the moon,
And I rest,one with the Earth,to be back again on the cliff.

One day,some weary travellers brushed past my way,
And my seeds fell on the kingdom's soil.
I sprang forth with all my grace,
Into dreary,trodden hearts,my fragrance brought joy,
To tired eyes,my colour provided soothing relief.

Confined not,my heart's love to myself,
In the garden of lonely souls,
Breeze of love's fragrance bloweth,
I know not of what use, this overflowing love,
If not to share,then why life's web?

My world on the cliff,brought happiness abundant,
But here,away from the heaven above,
I pour cool,sweet elixir-my being's reason,
Exist not I just to love myself,
A flower I am,My fragrance for all.

Saturday, January 2, 2010



What could possibly have the qualities of free human spirit?Ever wondered about the universal appeal of a pair of jeans?Above class,gender,nationality or religion, a pair of jeans makes its own statement,no matter what colour it carries.With an attitude of defiance,it can stand alone or mingle.The masses or classes,everyone can be seen, reaching out for that pair of jeans,making it part of their skin.A garment that carries universal consciousness?Perhaps.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

In The Now

In The Now

Light as the breeze that touches my senses,
Flowing merrily as the swift mountain stream,
Flying with gay abandon,ever so higher in consciousness,
A new found world, a new experience of real liberty,
Mind, not bound by conventions,
Spirit, not shackled by dogmas,
I follow Nature's law not Man's,
Where heart dictates my moves,
Guided by thoughts pure,coming from the inner core,
My eyes a mirror,like crystal clear lake,
Calmness and peace that lie below its surface,
Oneness of Mind,Body and Soul,
Coming together as whole,
Flame and its source, in eternal glow.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


1)It is said that opposites attract but in real life,it's more the similarities better the adjustment factor.
2)Love is blind and yet it makes the world go round.
3)Variety is the spice of life,so much so, that one can't make up one's mind as to what it is that one is really looking for!
4)"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" so why the need to admire oneself for hours in the mirror.
5)Attachment brings about say the seers.What about gravity making us all "attached"to Mother Earth?
6)Motherhood is the epitome of maternal it so?Doesn't it make the mother more selfish?In the sense, that all maternal instincts get narrowed down to her own creation...."my child vs any other child".Every woman is not so great as Mother Teressa or Panna bai.
7)So called dog lovers pamper their pooches no end but look the other way when they find a stray in distress.Isn't a stray dog, a dog?India probably may be the only country,where people shun its local variety of much for the breed!How good is the human breed?
8)Tell someone not to do something,chances are that the other person is exactly going to do just that.
9)Inanimate objects don't have life.People don't think so.....their identity comes with the model of their car,mobile,computer.....anything that shows on person.
10)Many lady drivers are considered as bad drivers by some people in India and yet,of so many accidents that take place, the ratio of errant male drivers far exceeds than their lady counterparts.
There may be many more paradoxes that may be added to the list, but the fact remains, that they surely help to break the humdrum of human existence!