Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It is said that happiness is a state of mind....sure no doubts,but what about the ambience?Does it play no role?If that were so,why is it that most of the retreats that one finds to unwind are usually away from the hustle and bustle of the city?I read a book on Vipassana and this question comes in my mind because I am often mesmerized by the beauty of the mountains and irritable with clutter around me.I haven't yet reached a state of complete equanimity.....but the journey is on.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Death is inevitable but life has to go on.For the sake of life,let us spread some peace and joy for as long as we are here.If tomorrow never comes,the good deeds we leave behind will surely make our stay here on planet Earth worthwhile......

The First Step

The First Step
(this is a poem that I came across in the book "Chicken Soup For The Soul") To take the first step
Is a frightening thing.
To face the unknown
The uncertainty it brings.
But like the child
Who is tired of the crawl,
The first step is
The most important of all.

It expands your horizons,
You can see a new light.
The joy of discovery
Is like taking flight.
The first step you take
Will open all doors,
To see yourself as
You've seen you before.

And like the child
Who gives it his all,
Sometimes he falters,
He will teeter and fall.
But strong arms are there
To catch him and then,
They stand him back up
To start walking again.

The longest journey,
Takes one step at a time,
But once you get going
You'll do just fine.
I'll help you along
I'll be right beside you...
As two we'll be strong.

Yes,that first step's a big one,
The most important of all.
But I'll be there to catch you
Should you teeter and fall.
We'll set our sights forward
Grit our teeth and walk on....
When we see that road ending,
We'll break into a run.

I love you,I'll help you
All the way through.
But to take that first step,
Well...that's up to you.
by Rabona Turner Gordon
(when I read this poem, it felt as if God was guiding me for that first step)