Thursday, July 2, 2009

Live in the moment

I am trying to follow the "live in the moment mantra"& it is certainly helping me.We keep wasting the precious NOW thinking about the uncertain NEXT.By all means plan for the future and save for a rainy day but having done the needful, stop right there for what was to be done is done.Don't go on thinking what will happen next.Choose to be happy NOW, for we don't know the next & the past cannot be undone,so learn from it and move on.Don't bring up the unpleasant memories from the past and relish in the sadness it brings because soon you'll find yourself in a self pity mode and that is not really empowering,is it?
Choose to be happy through your thoughts because they are your property.Nobody in the world has power to decide what you choose to think.So then,what are you thinking about?Let's make an effort to create a happy world for everyone and it all begins with us:):)

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