Sunday, August 9, 2009


1)It is said that opposites attract but in real life,it's more the similarities better the adjustment factor.
2)Love is blind and yet it makes the world go round.
3)Variety is the spice of life,so much so, that one can't make up one's mind as to what it is that one is really looking for!
4)"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" so why the need to admire oneself for hours in the mirror.
5)Attachment brings about say the seers.What about gravity making us all "attached"to Mother Earth?
6)Motherhood is the epitome of maternal it so?Doesn't it make the mother more selfish?In the sense, that all maternal instincts get narrowed down to her own creation...."my child vs any other child".Every woman is not so great as Mother Teressa or Panna bai.
7)So called dog lovers pamper their pooches no end but look the other way when they find a stray in distress.Isn't a stray dog, a dog?India probably may be the only country,where people shun its local variety of much for the breed!How good is the human breed?
8)Tell someone not to do something,chances are that the other person is exactly going to do just that.
9)Inanimate objects don't have life.People don't think so.....their identity comes with the model of their car,mobile,computer.....anything that shows on person.
10)Many lady drivers are considered as bad drivers by some people in India and yet,of so many accidents that take place, the ratio of errant male drivers far exceeds than their lady counterparts.
There may be many more paradoxes that may be added to the list, but the fact remains, that they surely help to break the humdrum of human existence!

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