Saturday, January 30, 2010

Different journeys

Different journeys

On a cliff,beholding a beautiful sight,
In a faraway forest by the riverside,
I grew,all beauty,colour and fragrance,
Waking up with the warmth of sun's first rays,
Basking in The light Supreme,
Equally content under the stars and the moon,
And I rest,one with the Earth,to be back again on the cliff.

One day,some weary travellers brushed past my way,
And my seeds fell on the kingdom's soil.
I sprang forth with all my grace,
Into dreary,trodden hearts,my fragrance brought joy,
To tired eyes,my colour provided soothing relief.

Confined not,my heart's love to myself,
In the garden of lonely souls,
Breeze of love's fragrance bloweth,
I know not of what use, this overflowing love,
If not to share,then why life's web?

My world on the cliff,brought happiness abundant,
But here,away from the heaven above,
I pour cool,sweet elixir-my being's reason,
Exist not I just to love myself,
A flower I am,My fragrance for all.

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