Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Leap

The Leap

What makes most people follow and do things which everybody else is doing?Why are most people such conformists even when their own logic and reason would disagree to their ways of going about life? Is there something called "conditioned genetic code" ? or is fear the basis of not being able to stand up for what one believes in? We've got the answer; Fear it is.So then, the question arises,will the collective human spirit,living in such fear,be able to truly evolve? or is it the domain of just the chosen few who question their fears and overcome them through deeper awareness of the Self? When will the vast mankind transform from "collective herd" to being their real "individual selves"?Would that be against the natural order of social existence and therefore detrimental to the established order?Would that lead to total chaos? But doesn't beauty finally emerge from chaos;from disorder to harmony?Look at a sweet smelling flower.From dirt to fragrance and colour; it veers clear from chaos to spring forth with the exuberance of life.

Now,how do we start?Beginning with our own selves,firstly by deconditioning "our system" off all the societal norms and while the inner questioning is taking place,one exercises patience, as the storm within will ultimately subside leading to eternal peace.Secondly,we need to let our children carve their own path.Allow them to break open their own cocoon of obstacles and emerge stronger to fly out to the sky of wonderful possibilities.We may protect them from harm's way but most importantly, let them breathe the air of freedom and form their own experiences.Are we ready to take the leap?

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