Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mankind's Anthem

Mankind’s Anthem

One planet Earth,


We call her our Mother.

Man cuts her up into territories.

Says,this is mine,that’s yours.

Forgets on the other side,his own kind.

Calls himself civilized.

Ironical! don’t animals mark territories?

Says,He belongs to higher consciousness.

Yet, He kills.

Kills for an idea.

Kills for a piece of land.

Kills for a belief system.

Has He really risen up?

On the other side of the wall,

A mother cries.

Her son has died.

This side,Is there a reason to rejoice?

Ah! but this has been happening.

For centuries,nobody questioned it.

Why...who created it..What’s the need anyways?

We follow.

A herd follows.

Intellect,like the grass, chewed up!

Nationhood, religion,rituals....all walls....all Man-made.

Where’s the wisdom?

Look at little children playing,

Blacks,Whites,Browns,all skin tones,

All rejoicing the game of life.

No Walls,No Divide,Untouched by rigid layers,

No Bloodshed,No fear,

Effortless,Peace reigns here.

Man created nations,let it be Past,

Choose to break all boundaries, in the Present.

No territories,just One World in Future.

No yours,no mine,All Ours.

At the end of the day,

There’s a human being Here and There.

All are related.

One Earth,One Mother.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Turning Point

Cloaks and masks of conditioning and fear,
Images false,but very dear.
Clinging to unreal;nerves loving the pathways,
Freedom lies not here,for here are mind's highways.

On these highways,frequent are accidents,
Many a sharp turn,bends and destiny's incidents.
Self-created and yet the architect knows not the highway's blue print?
Is it so blinding the mind's glint?

The injuries make us sit up,
Give us time to see fears,down and up,
To realize the mind is tricky,
To give in to it's ways is risky.

Ah! the truth is out.
Calm mind has seen the Other mind,there isn't any doubt.
Awakening to watchfulness,
Shines light now of awareness.